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Because of insurance changes, getting glucose Strips has become a challenge. See how we were able to get some at a relatively low price. Click here.

Okra and the DIABETS CURE!! Okra or okra juice as a diabetes cure has been all over Facebook, Twitter and many blogs. Oh my, I’m out of a job and the pharm industry will lose $$$$ OPkraClick for details

CANCER RISK FROM DIABETES DRUGS. There is much buzz about the risk of cancer from some diabetes drugs (Incretins – Byetta™, Bydueron,™ Victoza™, Januvia™, Tradjenta™, Nesina™). Much of it fueled by lawyerlawyer scare tactic ads. Click

Traveling with Diabetes.Airplane

Diabetes can be a pain in the finger. Travel presents some special challenges. Click here for tips.

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Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. Is there a link?

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What do we diabetics have to face in the future? It is clear that we are at risk of dementia if we live long enough. Click for detail.






Pump_girlInsulin pumps for those with type I diabetes is a no-brainer. For the type 2 requiring insulin, it has been another story. Sometimes one feels as though he has to be a genius in order to even think about insulin pump therapy. That world is shifting. What of the type 2 and a pump?T

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Diabetic Shoes. July 7, 2012


Oh my goodness, not a day goes by when we have not received several requests from Medicare patients with diabetes for shoes. Either my patients are not hearing things correctly or they are being told by vendors that they can get a free pair of shoes under Medicare if they have diabetes. NOT TRUE!! I believe my patients. These lying vendors cause us all kinds of trouble. They promise patients they can get shoes if they only get their physician to sign the form. Get the facts.

Obese Men

July 8, 2012

Another diet pill. It has been several years since the FDA approved a pill directed specifically at weight loss. Belviq™ (Lorcaserin) was approved by the FDA in May, 2012.
This new product works in the same manner as fenfluramine and Fen/Phen but is but is said to be not as dangerous. Fen/Phen was removed from the market in 1997 because of serious heart and lung problems. Does Belviq work? Is it safe? Is it available at a reasonable price? Would you take it to loose weight? Click here for details.




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