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Mission Statement

Updated September 16, 2013

Diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes is epidemic. It is associated with increased illness and death. Within the last 20 years, clinical studies have demonstrated that control of diabetes and associated risk factors (e.g. hypertension and dyslipidemia) can prevent or delay these problems.

It is the mission of the Diabetes Control Center and this web site to provide information for those with diabetes or interested in the disease state to the end that devastating complications may be avoided.  This web site is presented by Charles H. Raine, III, M.D. Information provided is meant to complement and NOT to replace any advice or information from your personal health professional. Take no action suggested at this site unless you contact your health professional first.

FOR OUR PATIENTS: The mission of the Diabetes Control Center is to prevent the complications of diabetes through the best and latest, safely applied principles of medical care. Our attempt will be to do this while allowing for the best possible life-style for the patient and at the most economical method (regardless of pay means) within the parameters of the best medical care available.

This web site is funded by Charles H. Raine, III, M.D. Advertisements provide additional funding. We make efforts to screen out ads from questionable advertisers. The appearance of ads on this site does not imply endorsement by Charles H. Raine, III, M.D. or the Diabetes Control Center. We take on responsibly for their content.




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