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Updated: February 8, 2014 Charles H. Raine, III, M.D

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Diabetes Mellitus is a condition of elevated blood glucose (sugar). Prolonged elevation of blood glucose causes damage to blood vessels.

The Bad News!bad news Diabetes can be a devastating disease if there are complications. These complications can cause kidney failure, amputation, painful nerve damage, blindness, heart attack or stroke. The location of blood vessel damage determines what complication(s) occur.

The Good News! good news Complications can be avoided! Risk factors that lead to diabetic complications can be identified and corrected. With a little effort from the patient and the diabetes team, bad things from diabetes can be prevented.

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This web site is presented by Charles H. Raine, III, M.D.Dr Raine to provide information on diabetes. As a diabetologist with diabetes, Dr. Raine brings a somewhat unique prospective to the disease. Click here for resume'. Information provided is meant to complement and NOT to replace any advice or information from your personal health professional. Take no action suggested at this site unless you contact your health professional first. Mission statement

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